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Below are the list of the videos that are needed to be replaced due to Copyright reason and/or mismatch with the content


Here are the checklist to help you curate the videos:

  • Is the video uploaded by the author/copyright holder?
  • Is the video not infringing copyright? (Such as uses an image that is clearly copyrighted)
  • Is the video creative commons licensed, or allows us to use the video?
  • Is the video below 15 minutes? (Ideal length is 5 minutes)
  • Does the video match with the content (Quiz, title, resources and questions) of the page?
  • Is the video relevant to Digital Identity? (i.e. not too corporate focused )
  • Is the message of the video neutral? (i.e. not one-sided or too dramatic)
  • Is the quality of the video acceptable? (i.e. not a lot of distractions, not a lot of background noise, no advertisements, etc. )

List of videos that are needed to be replaced

List of the videos that may need to be replaced in future