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We use a lot of complex terms on the digital tattoo website. This page was created to unpack those terms and eventually add this page to the website for users. Please add new words or more to the descriptions as you see fit.


Click jacking known as “click hijacking,” or “click baiting,” the user is tricked into clicking an ‘invisible button,’ causing you to unintentionally endorse a product, follow a Twitter account, send spam, or something more malicious.

Digital Identity is an online identity used in cyberspace by an individual, organization or electronic device. It is the online equivalent of a real identity. An individual's digital identity is made up of all the digitally accessible data on them. It shaped by their digital usage - phone applications, emails, blogs,banking, web surfing, gaming - and more. This is all the information that could possibly be collected about a user in the digital realm.

Digital Presence is shaped by your digital identity. Digital presence is the action each individual can take to shape their digital identity.

Net Neutrality

Sextortion usually involves one party threatening to reveal potentially embarrassing images or videos to the victim’s friends and family if they don’t receive money or more explicit content.