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Why Storyboard?

  • Storyboards help you focus on your goals and review your ideas (often with a team) before production. This will shorten the post production time.
  • Making edits to a storyboard after review input is alot less hassle that incorporating feedback after production.
  • Storyboards help you visualize the "story" and helps ensure a well structured video - by incorporating feedback into the storyboard.
  • Storyboard can become a good guideline when you edit the video. This will make the post production easier.
  • The quality of the video will improve. When you have your storyboard prepared, you will know exactly what to do when you record the video. This is especially useful when you are creating a complicated video which requires multiple video shooting.


  • The more detail you put in the story board, the easier the production and post production process becomes.
  • Lead off your story board with a statement about your intended audience, what purpose your video will serve for them and where it will be published. Having a clear idea of what you are trying to communicate through video will help ensure you get that in production.
Example (from the storyboard attached)
  • The intended audience are students and partners contributing to the content of the digital tattoo website - the goal is to produce 3 separate short screencasts focusing on adding blog posts, adding tutorial content, editing CSS.
  • The purpose of each video is to demonstrate a process - step by step - that will allow someone (familiar with WordPress) to follow the instructions to create content specific to the Digital Tattoo website:
  • these videos will be published on the UBCWiki as part of the Digital Tattoo Student Orientation (see breadcrumb on top of this page).

Example Storyboard

Below is an example of storyboard used for the screencasts.


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