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Social Media Management for the Digital Tattoo Project

We are active on two major social media networks: Twitter and Facebook. Our presence on Twitter is a lot more active and reaches more people. As a DT employee you can spend as much or as little time as you please on social media. It's an important tool to stay in touch with digital citizenship trends and others in the profession. It's important to remember that as of April 2014, very little of our web traffic came from social media. Try to direct users back to our site whenever you can.


Twitter is managed through the social media platform HootSuite which allows you to follow several streams at once, schedule tweets in advance and connect with Facebook.

The HootSuite Password is in the Confluence document
  • Tweet every day
It is easy to schedule tweets for the future using the "Publisher" tab on HootSuite.
  • Tweet articles you find about topics pertaining to Digital Tattoo
  • A great way to do this is to set up a Google Alert. This way news stories will be delivered into your mail box for you on a daily or weekly basis. This will save you time browsing news sites. Suggestions for alerts include-
  • "Digital Citizenship"
  • "Cyberbullying"
  • "Online Footprint"
  • "Digital Tattoo"
  • Keep a watch on the #digcit hashtag. It is a popular resource with educators in the field, Try to join on of their Wednesday virtual meet ups if you can to make new online connections and market the website.
  • Be sure to tweet between the hours of 10 AM to 4PM. Any later or earlier and they'll reach as smaller audience.
  • You can skip weekends if need be.
  • Link back to
  • Half of your tweets should be linking back to the home page
  • Remember, we are using social media for both community engagement and advertising.
  • You can switch off on the subjects of your tweets. News story then talk about a DT page or resource and repeat.


  • Facebook isn't as popular as our presence on Twitter.
  • You can feel free to work to change this!
  • Currently Facebook is only used to advertise events or new blog pages.
  • Have no shame while posting and like the post as yourself (not the DT account). This will push the post out to your Facebook friends giving the post greater impact.
  • Currently the DT Facebook is connected with the DT Twitter. Any post you make on the Facebook page is automatically tweeted.
  • Don't tell HootSuite to send out a Post on Facebook and Twitter as it will double tweet the message.

Social Media Guidelines Document