Documentation:Digital Tattoo Student Orientation/Impact on Students

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This page is to document experiences (quotes) from past and current students about the impact of the DT project on their online practices and (perhaps) professional competencies. We may also want to identify questions that we can use in a survey for past student team members.

Eseohe Ojo (Summer Term)

Name of Student: Eseohe Ojo

Role: Project Coordinator

Period: 2019 Summer Term - May to August 2019

Impact on Online Practices

During this time, the Digital Tattoo project kept me aware of current issues in the digital identity, safety and rights spheres. It particularly kept me updated about facial recognition, Google and Facebook privacy and surveillance issues, as well as important issues around digital identity and how issues affecting different groups of people. My participation in the pharmacy TLEF project also exposed me to how other stakeholders and students managed their digital activities and identities. These provided opportunities for learning and relearning as well as adjusting some of my own beliefs and opinions.

Impact on Professional Competencies

During this time, I was able to improve my:

  1. ability to work in a flexible, collaborative and iterative team and environment
  2. project design and management skills
  3. ability to take initiative be a self-starter and self-coordinator, staying on track and meeting deadlines
  4. writing,editing, research and content development for a focused audience especially students
  5. my use of social media and WordPress for professional purposes
  6. my ability to create and evaluate resources and materials
  7. social media coordination and promotion
  8. presenting project feedback, progression, strategies and challenges

I learnt about:

  1. Learning Design
  2. Creative Commons and using Open Access materials
  3. Online documentation using wiki
  4. Using confluence

Possible Questions for Survey for past student team members

  1. What skills were you able to improve during this time?
  2. What new knowledge did you gain from working with the Digital Tattoo project?
  3. How has your time here connected/been useful for your work in other areas?
  4. What difficulties did you experience during this time?
  5. What information or training would have been helpful?
  6. What advice do you have for current and new team members?
  7. What kind of support do you think would be useful for current and new team members?


This was a learning opportunity for me particularly with setting my own goals, managing my deadlines and self-evaluating my performance. It provided an opportunity to hone those skills especially at times when it was challenging. I learnt how to better work independently, prioritise and manage my tasks as well as create systems to help me overcome those challenges and that suit my working style. I am looking forward to continuing on in this role and further developing my skills and learning new things.

The DT Team was supportive, helpful and provided valuable feedback to my work. Although I got this role initially applying for the TLEF Graduate Research Assistant opportunity, I do believe this was a better and more ideal fit. I am grateful to have been offered this opportunity.