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Blog post Criteria

For submitting a guest blog post to Digital Tattoo, please ensure you have reviewed the following criteria and edited your work accordingly.

General Guidelines:

- Tone - is it informational and conversational, and aimed at a broad student audience (from as young as early high school into adulthood)? Posts should not be too strongly academic, or too informal.

- Topic - Is the post explicitly relevant to the Digital Tattoo project? Does it touch on main topics such as internet law, surveillance, data collection, privacy and security, or digital identity? Is the post topical?

- Is there repetition of content already made available on the website?

- Is it interesting, engaging, and does it require further examination?

- Does this create (or build on a previously developed) community discussion?

- Is appropriate context provided? Are the discussion points and claims properly backed up?

- Is there a call to action (small scale, like comments, or more broad, like community involvement)?

Technical Guidelines:

- Citation style - Please ensure links are embedded, and proper citation and accurate references are provided

- Length - 400-600 words. If you have a proposal for a longer article, consider how it could be divided into a series of shorter blog posts.

- Please ensure that tables and charts (if any) are numbered sequentially

- Links to additional outside resources (such as news articles or videos) must be current, relevant, and updated

- Self promotion, or the promotion of services and products, will not be accepted

Rights and permissions to publish:

- The manuscript must be your original work that has not be published elsewhere (or pending approval for publication elsewhere)

- Should you choose to include diagrams, charts, images, and other figures, you must own the copyright to or have explicit permission to reproduce

- If your work identifies any individuals, groups, and/or organizations by name (e.g. in interview transcripts or case studies), those individuals, groups, and/or organizations have explicitly consented in writing to be publicly identified.

Please send all written submissions to with the subject line DIGITAL TATTOO SUBMISSION and include your name, proposed title for submission, and confirmation that this work belongs to you and has not been published elsewhere. After submission, you should receive a confirmation that Digital Tattoo has received your blog post, and will provide you a timeline for when a decision to publish will be made.

For examples of blog posts, tone, and topics, be sure to check out the Digital Tattoo website.

Submissions will receive a response from Elyse, the student editor, within 1 week.