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Digital Tattoo Social Media Strategy 2018

Social media strategy

  • Interaction with other accounts: schedule in the bottom.
    • The Inforum will start promoting Digital Tattoo more
  • Weekly post with a tip or question related to digital identity. Connect the post to resources from our website.
  • Series based on topics that matter to a specific group (we can even connect with UBC and U of T departments, or other organizations to ask for insights or content sharing). Good start point:
  • An idea for the future: Digital Identity Challenge - Engaging people to try one thing every week (i.e.: turning-off notifications for unimportant apps to avoid screen addiction).
  • Should we consider canceling our Instagram account?
    • If we don’t maybe someone can pick up Humans of Digital Tattoo again

Who we should follow:

  • Digital Identity Educators and Experts
  • Libraries within UofT and UBC
  • Faculties that are relevant - for example CCIT (Communications Culture & Technology at the University of Toronto Mississauga)
  • Companies that are passionate about Digital Identity

To keep in mind:

  • Twitter: usually political content reverberates better
  • Facebook: usually content related to social media reverberates better

Marketing strategy

  • Use the newsletter to promote Digital Tattoo with other schools within UBC and U of T
  • Every time one of us interviews someone, make sure to say it’s for Digital Tattoo and pass along the website address and the social media accounts �

Twitter Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Elyse Jason Victoria Dominique Monique