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These resources may be helpful in exploring issues related to digital identity, online reputation and digital citizenship. You may choose to approach these issues by:

  • raising questions for discussion
  • using slides as a guide and to provide a context
  • using activities to stimulate thought and engage your group with the themes.

Our intent is to raise awareness and open discussion - not to offer a "how-to" on managing your digital identity. We believe each of us will choose to do this differently depending on their goals, interests, values and circumstances. Our aim is to offer some questions to think about, examples to illustrate a point and suggestions for those who want to follow up with some sort of action.

Please use the resources here as you see fit and adapt to your context.

Key Questions for Discussion

  • What do we leave behind on the internet?
  • What is a digital identity and how do I get one?
  • What makes interactions online different from in person?
  • What do I want to do online and who do I want to be?

Target Audience

Elementary school students

Lesson Duration

Lessons are typically 30 - 60 minutes in duration.

Lesson Plan Resources

Theme Slides Lesson Plan/Activities Resources
Digital Footprints Digital Tattoo Slides Thumb.jpg
Download the slides
File:DigitalTattooLesson-Grade 2 & 3.docx *- Resource Guide for Teachers of grades two and three

Supplementary Multimedia Resources

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