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  • what assumptions do we have (as a team) about students that may influence what we do in a workshop?
  • What do we need to learn from the prototypes?
  • How do we know we are ready to move from prototype to pilot?
  • What are the potentially impactful features of the DYL curriculum that we want to learn more about?
  • What is important about branding DYL in the UBC context? What do we (specifically) hope to accomplish by doing this?
  • What's unique about our UBC context that we could build for and share back with the DYL community (ie. Indigenous perspective on


  • Is it feasible or desirable to have a coordinated strategy and shared approach for gathering data on the prototypes?

Related questions:

  • If we were going to make a recommendation to a wider scale adoption of DYL, what would we need to know (specifically)?
  • What would it look like if we spent this year running prototypes and collecting feedback? What would we want to learn from students/ from colleagues? How would we document and share these insights?
  • What are we extracting from students who participate in prototype workshops and have we considered the ethical implications of using such output for wider messaging or branding purposes?


  • How would we know if DYL is achieving what is intended? What IS the goal?
  • What do we want to learn from sharing the DYL methods with students at UBC, For example: how are we gathering feedback from students on:
  • methods - Which methods have been immediately helpful to students in moving ahead with their career explorations?
  • format - How do outcomes differ for different formats (long format - embedded in course or regular meetings over a semester vs. short format - one off workshops)
  • other??