Documentation:Design Your Life and Career/Prototype Template

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Prototypes are quick experiments with a few people to test how a particular activity/approach works in practice. They are meant to help you learn something that you can use in development of a pilot (workshop, session or course implementation).

This suggested template provides some structure to help you share your prototype so that your colleagues can learn from your experiment. Adapt it as you see fit.

To use it, you'll need to do these things:

  • create a page for your prototype (start from Documentation: Design Your Life and Career) be sure to save it,
  • open this page in a separate tab (click on the wikitext tab and the top) - copy everything and past it into the wikitext area of your page. This will give you a starting point.
  • edit/delete content to fit to your context/needs.
  • save your page.


What did you try, with whom (students, staff, faculty) and when?

Your question

Why did you want to prototype? What were you hoping to learn?

The session

You may want to embed a slide deck if you used one (google slides with sharing permissions turned on). Also a link to any materials you used. Photos of the process are always helpful too (avoiding photos of participants unless you have permission)

Here are some examples (look at the wikitext editing screen for the code used to embed these, copy it and replace the google slide id with your own).

Google Slides

Your learning

What did you learn from facilitating the session? How did you gather feedback from participants? What questions did you ask? What worked/didn't work in your context? Your reflections on why.