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Chances are the members of your community are spread across a distance - this makes having face-to-face meetings hard. Rather than stretching a tight budget for an in-person meeting, consider using a free web-based collaboration/communication tool, which lets anyone with an Internet connection and a web browser meet and engage with others online in real time. There are a myriad of web-based tools that support online events, but not all are created equal. Most tools have very similar features in that they provide a way to communicate and collaborate in the online environment.

Depending on your online event needs, look for are tools that offer at least the basic collaboration features such as a discussion area, screen-sharing capabilities, multiple-authorship, drawing and annotation tools, file uploading, whiteboard, text chat, session archiving, and teleconferencing. Some examples are:

Web Conferencing:

   * Adobe Acrobat ConnectPro
   * DimDim
   * Live Classroom
   * Elluminate
   * Microsoft Office Live Meetings
   * MSN Messenger
   * YuuGuu
   * Zoho Meeting
   * Skype