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  • Consider reach. If you want a wide reach for your audience, choose an open hosting environment (like YouTube).
  • Consider privacy. If you need a certain amount of protection around your content, choose a locally hosted option (like Kaltura).
  • Consider useability - if videos are long and you need to be able to search the content on key words consider a tool like Mediasite.
  • YouTube: is an option if your project relies on open sharing and wide audience reach AND if you are not REQUIRING students to set up their own accounts. Setup your own youtube account or you can upload to the UBC YouTube account with this documentation.
  • Kaltura: a UBC hosted service and thus offers a layer of security and content moderation. Offers an option for learning activities that require students to record, upload and share video content through Connect. These videos will be transcoded for easier viewing on multiple devices, stored in a central platform, and will be available for searching and viewing. Compared to YouTube, Kaltura offers more granular control over content and contributors. Learn how to upload your video to Kaltura and share videos.
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  • Review your screencast with colleagues and double check if your video is delivering the message or story you would like it to.
  • Seek student feedback about the resources you produce and use it to evaluate and improve.