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Your instructor can place you and your classmates in groups to collaborate on projects and assignments or discuss course topics. Tools will be made available by your instructor to use in your groups. This document will show you how to:

  • Access groups and add a banner image


Watch the videos below on how work in groups and how to customize the group homepage

How to Work in Groups

How to Customize the Group Homepage

Access groups and add a banner image

Your group page could be located under Groups in the course menu, in a My Groups tab under the course menu, or elsewhere in your course. Ask your instructor if you are unsure where your group page is located.

  1. Click on one of your groups.
  2. The group link opens to a module page, customize the page by clicking Customize Group Banner from the left-hand side menu to add a group image.
    Example of My Groups menu
  3. Click Customize Group Color to change the color scheme for the page.
  4. Using the text editor, click Attach Image.
  5. Click Browse My Computer and select an image for the banner and click Open.
  6. Enter Alt text for the image that describes what it is showing for students with visual impairment.
  7. Enter a width and height for the banner. The recommended minimum banner image size is 950 by 80 pixels
    Example of banner options menu
  8. Click Submit
  9. Click Submit again