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The My Connect Tab provides an overview of your activities in Connect and can be customize the tab by adding and removing different modules. Certain modules can also be customized to ensure that you are not overwhelmed with notifications and only receive the ones you want, in the format you desire.

Here are our Top 10 recommended modules for instructors to add to their My Connect tab that would assist with workflows, alert instructors of important information, give easy access to support and link to useful tools in Connect.

To add a module in your My Connect Tab, click the Add Module button on the left hand side under the header. You can also view the Add Module button in the My Connect Tab environment resource.

Here is the pdf version of the following table.

Customize a module

If a module is customizable, click the personalization icon button located in the top right hand corner.

Click the button highlighted in the top right hand corner for customization options.

Top 10 My Connect Modules

In the following table, modules are arranged in level of importance beginning with should-have modules to would-be-nice-to-have modules.

Module Description Image(s)
Course List Get easy access to all your courses. This module can be personalized to show the information you would like to view for each course.
Course list module..png
Needs Attention This module displays notifications regarding items that need grading in the courses you instruct.
Needs attention.png
What's New Find out what is new in your enrolled courses including announcements, assignments, and tests. This module allows for personalization for you to be notified of what is important to you!
What's new.png
10 Things to Know about Connect for Instructors Use this module to help you understand and make the most out of Connect!
10 things instructors.png
eLearning Workshops (Vancouver and Okanagan) Register for eLearning workshops, special lectures and other professional development opportunities available at the Vancouver campus and/or Okanagan campus. Vancouver and Okanagan are separate modules and each are customizable.
Vancouver elearning workshops calendar.png
Okanagan elearning workshops.png
My Messages This module allows instant information concerning new messages within your courses.
My messages module.png
Blackboard IM Get instant messaging for your class, it’s great for office hours and for student collaboration.
Blackboard IM.png
My Media If videos are a large part of your online course, add this module for easy access to your My Media gallery.
My Media module.png
Shared Media Repository If videos are a large part of your online course, add this module for easy access to Faculty Repository.
Shared media repository module.png
Support Contacts Need help with WebCT Vista, Connect or any of UBC's eLearning tools? See this list of faculty instructional support units.
Faculty elearning support contacts.png