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For your students to be able to view current iPeer events in Connect it is necessary to add the iPeer Course Module in your course environment.

Add iPeer Course Module in a Connect Course

  1. From within your Connect course environment click on Add Course Module near the top of the course's Home Page.
    The Add Course Module button in course Home Page
  2. Search for the iPeer course module by searching for iPeer.
    Search for iPeer course module
  3. In the search results, click on Add below the iPeer Events course module.
    Add iPeer course module
  4. Click on Home Page in the navigation bar in the upper left sidebar.
  5. In the Home Page you will now see the iPeer Events course module. It will be displaying the current evaluations and surveys and links to allow students to jump into iPeer without logging in again. Please note that no events will appear if no events are open currently.
    iPeer Course Module