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The course home page is the first page students see when they enter the course. Every course has a default home page that can be changed at any time.

Consider using a home page that contains critical or timely information, such as a course syllabus or an announcement page. Other customization options are found in the Style page, including menu stye options, course menu display, content view options, and adding a banner image to your course.

This document will show you how to

  • Access Style settings
  • Select a course home page


Watch the video below on how to set the course home page:

Access style settings

  1. From the left-hand sidebar under Course Management menu, select the Control Panel
  2. Open Customization and click Teaching Style
    The Course Management menu is on the left-hand sidebar below the course's menu

Select a course home page

  1. Go to 2. Select Course Entry Point and choose the entry page for your course
    The options in the drop-down to choose course's entry point corresponds to the items on the course's menu.
  2. Click Submit either at the top or the bottom of the page