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What is a Self-Enrollment Course?

A Self-Enrollment Course is a non-credit/workshop course in Connect (Blackboard Learn) that is readily available for students to enrol themselves into.

What will you need to get into one?

To enrol into a self-enrollment course, you will need:

  • A CWL Account
    If you have not yet registered for CWL, click here.
    If you receive an Invalid Password error and would like to reset your CWL password, click here.
    For other CWL questions, please contact
  • Course Name
    You will need the Course Name in order to search for your course and enroll into it.
  • An Access Code to the Course (rare)
    Some courses may require an access code. If this is the case you will be asked to enter one when registering for the course.

How to find your courses

  1. Once you have logged into Connect using your CWL at, click on the Courses Tab.
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  2. In the My Courses sub-tab, go to the Course Catalog module (located beneath the Course List module) and then click on Browse Course Catalog.
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  3. Find your course by using the following Search criteria
    a. Select a search condition from the drop-down list: Contains, Equal To, Starts With, or Not Blank (Not Blank will select all courses).
    b. Type in the Course Name. The search is not case-sensitive
    c. Once completed, click on Go.
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    The Search Results are displayed.
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  4. Click on the Action Link/Chevron beside the Course ID.
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  5. Click on Enroll from the menu option.
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  6. In the Self Enrollment page, verify that you have enrolled in the correct course and then click Submit.
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  7. If your course contains an access code, enter the access code in the Access Code field and then click Submit.
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  8. An Action Successful message is displayed. Click on the OK button.
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  9. Once completed, you will be enrolled into the course and will access it immediately.
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