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You can use the search function in the Discussion Board to locate specific posts from within the entire Discussion Board or individual threads.

After you have located posts either using the search function or going into individual threads, the collect function can display them in a single page or print them out.

This document will show how to:

  • Search for posts
  • Collect posts


Watch the video below on how to search and collect discussion board posts:

Search for posts

  1. To begin, click Discussions from your left-hand sidebar course menu
  2. Click Search at the top of the page
    You can also access the Discussion Boards in the Course Tools menu under Course Management.
  3. Type a keyword and select an area to search
  4. (Optional) Set the search date parameters by checking the box beside them
  5. Click Go
  6. To reorder your search results, click Sort by and select a sorting option or Order and choose between Descending and Ascending order.

Collect/Print posts

You can also collect posts by selecting them within individual discussion threads

  1. To begin, click Discussions from your left-hand sidebar course menu
  2. Go into a discussion forum and open an individual discussion thread
  3. Select the posts that you want to collect by checking the empty box next to their title
  4. Click Collect to collect the posts
    The Collect button will bring you to a page similar to a search results page.
  5. To print your selections, click on Print Preview at the top-right corner of the page
    You can print your selections by clicking on Print Preview at the top corner of the page.

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