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Item analysis presents you data to help you evaluate and refine assessments based on quality, effectiveness and validity of each question on student performance discriminators and statistics displayed in the item analysis page. You can run an item analysis on a test that include single or multiple attempts, question sets, random blocks, auto-graded question types, and questions that need manual grading.

This resource shows you how to:

  • Run an item analysis on a test
  • About the item analysis page
  • Best Practices

For more details on how to run an Item Analysis, see Blackboard Help:Running_Item_Analysis_on_a_Test.


Watch the Item Analysis video for access to and run item analysis, view test summary statistics, view question-level statistics, and edit a test question. Video produced by Blackboard.

Effective Practices

  • Item analysis provides statistics on overall test performance and on individual test questions to discriminate which questions are effective or not effective.
  • The grade summary provides insight into student performance on that assessment and how the question items performed.
  • In the summary page, scroll up and down to view list of questions in the order of the most ineffective questions listed on top.
  • Click individual question links to view single question statistics.
  • Once you have examined an ineffective question perhaps due to poor wording, vague answer choices, or other factors you can utilize the Automatic Regrade feature to update, delete, or regrade the question in this feature by clicking Edit Test.
  • If you choose to regrade make sure to communicate to your students that the assessment is being regraded.

Run an item analysis on a test

  1. Go to one of the following locations to access a test you would like to perform item analysis on:
    • A test deployed in a content area.
    • A deployed test listed on the Tests page.
    • A Grade Center column for a test.
  2. Hover over the Test and click on the chevron (Chevron close up.png) that appears to beside the test name.
  3. From the contextual menu, select Item Analysis.
  4. In the Item Analysis, choose a test you want to perform an item analysis on from the Select Test the drop-down menu. Only deployed tests are listed.
  5. Click Run.
  6. View the item analysis by clicking the new report's link under the Available Analysis heading or by clicking View Analysis in the status receipt at the top of the page.
View the item analysis by clicking the new report's link under Available Analysis or by clicking View Analysis in the status receipt.

About the Item Analysis page

  • Test Summary (A): includes number of attempts, average score, number of questions, possible points and average time.
  • Ineffective questions are identified at the top of the Test Summary.
  • Identify ineffective questions through the use of the Discrimination (B) feature and collected statistics (C).
  • Identify which questions need to be reviewed through the use the Legend (D).
  • Filter questions (E) individually by Discrimination, Difficulty (F), and Question Type.
  • Update, hide, or regrade any ineffective questions in the Automatic Regrade (G) feature by clicking the Edit Test button. This works even after students have completed the assessment. The updates from this will be automatically reflected into the Grade Center.
  • To view single question statistics click individual question links.
This displays the Item Analysis page. There are different features to assess the validity, quality, and discrimination of your test questions.

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