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The Discussion Board is a place your instructor has created for you to exchange ideas with the class. You can participate in a discussion by posting and responding to questions or statements in threads.

Threads are located within Discussion board forums. Discussion boards can be located anywhere in the course such as link from the course's menu or within individual course areas.

If your contribution is for a grade, be sure to check with your instructor on the location of the discussion board thread you should be participating in.

This document will show you how to:

  • Select a thread
  • Reply to a thread


Watch the video below on how to reply to a discussion board thread:

Select a thread

  1. Click on the discussion board
  2. Under Forum, click on the name of the forum you want to select
  3. Under the Thread column, click on the thread you want to reply to
    A discussion forum can have multiple ongoing threads at the same time.

Reply to a thread

  1. Click on the post you want to read and it will appear below the discussion thread
  2. At the top of the post, click Reply. If you want to include parts of the post with your reply, click Quote
    The Reply or Quote button can be found at the top or bottom of the post area.
  3. (Optional) Edit the subject of your message to an appropriate title for your reply
  4. Enter your message in the text editor
  5. (Optional) Attach files from your computer or your Connect Content Collection to support your ideas
  6. Click Save Draft to post your response at later time or Submit to reply to the thread.