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You can set roles for yourself, TAs, and students in a forum. By default, instructors have the role of Manager and students have the role of Participant. Assigning forum roles allows you to limit access to a forum or assign help with forum administration.

This document will show you:

  • How to assign forum roles
  • Types of roles
  • Filter view of users by role


Watch the video below on how manage discussion forum roles:

How to assign forum roles

  1. From the left-hand course menu, access the Discussion Board
  2. Click the contextual menu to the right of the discussion forum title you want to assign roles to
  3. Click Manage
  4. From the list of forum users, click the contextual menu to the right of the user's last name
  5. Select a role for the user that will appear in the Forum Role column for the user
  6. Click OK when you are finished assigning roles
    Note: You can assign multiple roles at one time by selecting users' check boxes to the left of their names and using the Edit Role menu at the top of the screen to assign a new role

Types of roles

The following list describes the forum roles and their permissions.

  • Manager: Managers have full control over a forum and can change forum settings, moderate posts, and assign roles and grades. Instructors or Teaching Assistants are granted this role by default.
  • Builder: Course Builders can edit, copy, and delete forums, but not grade or manage forums. Course Builders can also create new threads in a forum, and can enable grading for a thread and type a value.
  • Moderator: Moderators can delete, edit, and lock all posts in any forum, even if the forum does not use the Moderation Queue. If a Moderation Queue is used, the Moderator approves or rejects posts in the queue before they are made available to all users.
  • Grader: Graders can read, reply to, and grade posts. The Grader role has some access to the Grade Center, but cannot assign grades to their own work.
  • Participant: Participants can read and reply to posts.
  • Reader: Readers can read the contents of a forum, but cannot post responses or add threads.
  • Blocked: Blocked users cannot access the forum.

Filter view of users by role

  1. From the Manage Forum Users page, to quickly view which users are assigned which roles, click the Display Forum Role drop down menu
  2. Select a role to filter the users by role
  3. Click OK when you are finished