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Instructor FAQs


Why can't I edit my content area in Connect?

Your Edit Mode may not be switched to ON. In the top-right corner of your course area, check if the Edit Mode is: on Connect Edit Mode On.png or off Connect Edit Mode Off.png. If the icon indicates OFF, click it to toggle Edit Mode to ON.

  1. The Edit Mode button is found at the top-right corner of a course area.

Why doesn't re-ordering items seem to work in Connect?

Sometimes ordering items in Connect can be unpredictable. When it is, it's best to use Connect’s ordering interface, which can be accessed by clicking the “up/down arrow” Up down arrow.png icon on the top-right of the screen.

  1. The Up/Down Arrow button is found near the top-right corner of a course area.

Using the re-ordering interface is the most guaranteed way of ensuring items are properly ordered in Connect. It is also possible that you are experiencing issues owing to browser caching. To change your browser’s cache settings, follow these instructions.

What links can I add to the Course Menu in Connect?

You can link to just about anything in the menu: a file in your course, a tool, a URL, a blank page, etc. You can also create dividers and subheaders in the menu in Learn.

Can I set announcements to pop‐up like I could in Vista?

The Announcements feature in Connect does not support pop-ups. Instead you can send Announcements to students external email or set the Announcements page to be the first thing students see when they enter your course.

Customization –> Style –>Select Course Entry Point

I used blogs and journal DBs in Vista. Can I still do that in Connect?

Yes, but those are separate tools in Connect. You’ll find them by going to

Control Panel –> Course Tools –> Blogs and/or Journals

Are there tools I can't access using my CWL?

Bb Drive, WebDAV, Clickers and Respondus cannot be accessed with Connect using your CWL username and password.

There are different procedures for each of these tools and more information is available here.

Grading Student Work

Are tests still automatically graded by the system?

Yes, and anything that requires instructor attention for grading (essay questions, etc.) can be graded through the Grade Center by clicking the green exclamation icon.

Can I grade discussions directly inside the Discussion tool?

Yes – if a discussion is set to be gradable, then you will be able to do the grading inside the discussion and the grades will be recorded to the Grade Center.

Where Do I Grade Assignments that have been Submitted?

Submitted Assignments will be graded in the Grade Center. A green exclamation icon is displayed in the cell for anything that requires grading and these items that need grading can be accessed through the

Grade Centre -> Needs Grading

How do I Submit a Student’s Quiz if they forgot to do that?

If a student has started a quiz attempt and has answered the questions, but did not submit the quiz, you can submit their attempt for them.

  1. Go to the Grade Centre and finding the column for that quiz.
  2. Locate the cell with the student’s grade which will have an in-progress icon.
  3. Hover over the grade cell and, using the drop-down action link, select Grade Details.
  4. Select View Attempt to see if the student has answered questions. If this is an attempt that was opened, but no questions are answered, you can select the Clear Attempt button to clear this attempt.
  5. Select the Submit Attempt button found in the Test Information area to push the student's attempt for grading.

Files Management

Where are my course files?

Your course files are now found in the Content Collection tool. You can also access files in your other courses and even content at your Faculty level from the same tool.

How Do I Make PDFs in Learning Modules Available to My Students?

As you did in Vista, making your PDFs open in a new window is a good idea. Also, if any of your students are using Macs with Firefox 8, they will need to download and install the Schubert plug-in, a one-time download located at

If prompted, the student should select that it is for educational use.

How Do I Upload Multiple Files?

Use Bb Drive to upload multiple files and also to edit many different types of edit files within Connect without downloading them to your computer. For complete details see the Bb Drive Information in Pilot Central.


Do I need download a new copy of the clicker software for Connect?

Yes. You can find the new software here:

How do I add a registration link to my course so my students can register their clickers?

Visit this page for step-by-step instructions on how to add a registration link to your Connect course.

How do I import/export with Connect?

For information on how to log in the CMS Integrate Wizard, check out this page: CMS Integrate Wizard with Connect

How do I import and export if I'm using Vista and Connect?

If you are teaching in both Vista and Connect, you will need to make sure you have the correct LMS selected each time you synchronize your data with the CMS Integrate Wizard. The iGrader application will remember your ID and password for both systems if you select the Save option.

User Session Management

Is there any difference in how I log into Connect vs. WebCT Vista?

To login into Connect, visit

To login into WebCT Vista, visit

If you are still participating in the LMS Pilot, please visit

Why am I asked to close my browser after I logout?

Closing the browser window completes the logout process. This is a security measure to ensure that no one can try to login to your session.

What if I forget to close my browser window after logging out?

If you or another user attempt to login using the same browser window, the system will prompt users to close the current browser window and open a new one.

How long can I stay logged into Connect

Your Connect session times out after 1.5 hours of inactivity. If you keep your session active, the maximum session length is 8 hours.

What happens if my session times out?

Any unsaved work will be lost. We strongly suggest saving your work at regular intervals.

I just switched from a wireless network to a wired network (and vice-versa) on campus. Why am I asked to login again?

If your IP address changes, the system will prompt you to enter your login credentials again to verify who you are. Your computer’s IP address changes when:

  1. You change from one network to another, e.g. starting a VPN connection while you are in an active session in Blackboard Learn.
  2. You move from a wired network to a wireless network (and vice-versa) or between different wireless network (e.g. UBC secure to UBC visitor).
  3. If someone attempts to hijack your Connect session.

I’ve heard the term “Shibboleth”. What does it mean and what is the difference between Shibboleth and CWL?

CWL is UBC’s single sign-on authentication system. It provides you access to UBC’s online applications like Student Information Systems, Vista, myUBC, etc. Shibboleth is an open source standard for authentication and authorization. It integrates with CWL to grant CWL account holders access based on their identity information. Blackboard Learn is one of the first applications to be Shibboleth enabled.