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You can import rubrics from your a colleague's previous Connect courses. Once imported, you can tailor them to support your specific course goals.

This page will show you:

  • Effective practices
  • How to import a rubric
  • Sample rubrics you can download

Effective Practices

  • Only import rubrics from previous Connect or Blackboard Learn courses, which use a specific file type.
  • Review the review before your course starts to check if the criteria are still relevant for the course.
  • Attach your rubrics to a course activity to set students expectations.

Import a Rubric

  1. Open Course Tools under the Course Management menu on the left-hand side bar.
  2. Click Rubrics.
    The Rubrics link is found under the Course Tools menu on left-hand side.
  3. You are now in the Rubrics tool. You can see your existing rubrics that you are using in the course.
    Click on (1) Create Rubric and follow the instructions in Create a rubric resource to create a brand new rubric, otherwise click (2) Import Rubric to import an existing rubric.
  4. Click the Import Rubric button beside the Create a Rubric button at the top.
    Click either of the buttons to select an existing rubric
  5. In the Import Rubric window, select the file or rubric from your computer or the content collection you would like to import.
  6. Click submit at the top or bottom of each page.

Sample Rubrics

These rubrics are provided as an example for you to use. In order to download these files, you will need to log in with your CWL. Import these .zip files following the instructions above.

  1. Individual Rubrics
  2. Blogs Rubric
  3. Discussion Board Rubric
  4. Discussion Topic Rubric
  5. Event Proposal Rubric
  6. Writing Assignments Rubric