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You can assign a grade for a student’s contribution to a Discussion Board Forum. To make a forum gradable, select the contextual menu next to the title of the discussion board forum and click Edit to change the discussion board's settings to enable grading of discussion board forums

Example of a discussion board's contextual menu
Example of adding a gradable forum to a discussion board

This document will show you how to:

  • Access a gradable forum
  • Select and evaluate a student's posts
  • Assign one grade for a student's forum participation


Watch the video below on how to grade a discussion board forum:

Access a gradeable forum

  1. To begin, click Discussion Board
  2. Select a gradable forum
  3. Click Grade Forum at the top of the screen. This button only appears in gradable forums
    Example of the Grade Forum button

Select and evaluate a student’s posts

A list of forum users will appear displaying their last name, first name, username, number of posts and grade

  1. To select a student, click Grade in their column line
  2. Evaluate all of the student's posts

Students who have met the required number of posts to be graded will appear in the Contributors section with the “Needs Grading” icon (Learn9.1Needsgrading1.jpg) next to their name:

Example of the Needs Grading icon as a green exclamation point

Students who have not met the required number of posts will appear with the “In Progress” icon (Learn9,1Inprogress.jpg) next to their name:

Example of the grey In Progress button

Assign one grade for that student’s forum posts

  1. To assign a grade, from the right-hand menu in the Forum Grade section, click Edit Grade
    Example of the Edit Grade button
  2. Enter the grade
  3. (Optional) Add feedback and grading notes
  4. Click Save Grade
  5. Click OK

The grade is assigned in the Grade Centre and added to the Forum Users page.

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