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With course blogs and journals, you can grade the quality of the discussion, as well as the number of entries and comments that are made by an individual or a course group.

Once a blog or journal topic is set to be graded, a grade column is automatically created in the Grade Center. Then, individual student and group entries can be graded from the blog or journal topic page, where all entries and comments can be referenced, as the grade is determined. An assigned grade can also be edited from the blog or journal topic page and the Grade Center is updated.

This document will show you how to:

  • Grade Individual Blog or Journal Entries
  • Grade Group Blog or Journal Entries for All Members
  • Edit one Blog or Journal Group Member's Grade


Watch the following video on how to grade individual and group blogs and journals:

Grade Individual Blog or Journal Entries

  1. Open the blog or journal topic page you want to grade
  2. From the right panel, select a students name to review and grade their work. The Needs Grading Icon, a yellow exclamation mark, will appear after the names that have work to be graded
  3. Under Blog or Journal Grade in the side panel, click Edit Grade
  4. Type the grade in the the Current Grade Value text box, or if a rubric has been created for this blog or journal, click View Rubric
  5. Add feedback for the student
  6. Add personal Grading Notes for your own reference
  7. Click Save Grade

The grade, feedback, or grading notes can be edited by clicking the Edit Grade function again at any time. The changes appear in the Blog Grade or Journal Grade section and in the Grade Center.

Grade Group Blog or Journal Entries for All Members

A group blog or journal is graded using the same steps as for individuals. When the entries are submitted, all group members' names appear with the Needs Grading icon. When a grade is added for a group blog or journal, the grade is automatically given to all the members of the group and is populated in the corresponding column in the Grade Center for each group member. All members are assigned the same grade, even if a member did not contribute, although this can be overridden in the following instructions:

Edit one Blog or Journal Group Member's Grade

Individual group member can be assigned a different grade than the group by selecting his or her name to access the Grade section. In the content frame, the individual member’s entries and comments appear. After assigning a new grade and feedback for the individual member, the new information appears in the side panel. The grade the individual member received and the grade the group received are both shown.

If a group member’s grade is changed, and a new group grade is given, the new group grade will not affect the individual’s new grade. The individual’s new grade will not appear to the other group members.

  1. On the Group Journal or Blog page, select a user's name in the View Entries by section and review the individual's entry.
  2. Click Edit Grade.
  3. Type a new grade in the Current Grade Value Text Box.
  4. Add Feedback for users to view
  5. Add Grading Notes for your reference
  6. Click Save Grade. The edited grade will appear in the Grade Center and in the side panel on the Group Blog or Journal page currently being viewed.