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After a wiki is set to be graded, a column is automatically created in the Grade Center. Then, individual student contributions can be accessed from the wiki’s Participation Summary page. A user’s name can be selected and all the pages the student authored and edited can be viewed to determine the grade. The Participation Summary page allows you to start at a high level summary and drill down to the changes that an individual student made. The grade applies to the wiki, not an individual wiki page.

The grading process for wikis can begin from the Grade Center, the Needs Grading page, the Course Tools area, or the course location where the wiki has been deployed.

This document will show you how to:

  • Grade a Course Wiki
  • Grade a Group Wiki for All Members
  • Edit a Group Member's Wiki Grade


Watch the video below on how to grade course and group wikis:

Grade a Course Wiki

  1. Access the wiki you want to grade
  2. On the wiki topic page, click Participation and Grading on the top-right corner of the screen
  3. Select a student's name in the View Contributions By sections. Students with contributions ready for grading appear with a green exclamation mark, the needs grading icon
  4. On the Participant’s Contribution page, a list of the student’s pages and page versions open in the content frame. You can also view information about the contributions
  5. In the Page Version column, click a page’s title to review it
  6. To grade the wiki, click Edit Grade
    The grading field appears in the side panel
  7. Type a numeric grade in the Current Grade Value text box, or if a rubric has been created for this graded wiki, click View Rubric
  8. Type Feedback for the student
  9. Add Grading Notes for your own reference
  10. Click Save Grade
  11. To grade other contributors, use the Previous User and Next User arrows in the View Contributions section to quickly access other students’ contributions to grade

Grade a Group Wiki

Group Wikis are graded in the same way non-group wikis are graded, except that when a grade is added for a group wiki on the Participation Summary page, the grade is automatically given to all the members of the group and is populated in the corresponding column in the Grade Center for each group member. All members are assigned the same grade, regardless if a member did not contribute. Students can view their group wiki grades in the My Grades tool and on their My Contribution pages.

Edit a Group Member's Wiki Grade

You can assign a different grade to individual group members using the following instructions:

Note: If a group member’s grade is changed, and a new group grade is given, the new group grade will not affect the individual’s new grade. The grade the individual member received and the grade the group received are both shown. The individual’s new grade will not appear to the other group members.
  1. From the Participation Summary page, select the group member from the View Contributions section.
  2. Review the Participant’s Contribution page which displays the group member’s contributions and the group grade for this member
  3. To change the grade, from the side panel, click Edit Grade
  4. Enter the new grade
  5. Click Save Grade to save the changes