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Course assignments can be administered and graded online in Connect. When you create an assignment, a column is added automatically to the Grade Center. You can access assignments that have been submitted by students and need grading from: Needs Grading page or Grade Center. For courses with many enrolled students and gradable items, the Needs Grading page can help you determine which assignments need grading first. For example, you can sort by the date submitted to provide feedback to the earliest submitters first.

This document will show you how to:

  • Grade assignments
  • Identify instructor best practices facilitated by this function


Effective Practices

The Connect Learning Management System significantly expands the toolsets of teachers and learners. This function directly:

  • Contributes to ease of centralized online assessment which can create much needed time for student planning and reflection
  • Immerses students in effective and innovative use of the LMS encouraging participation and exploration of learning technologies

This function supports a number of Chickering and Gamson's Seven Principles, including:[1]

1. Good practice encourages interaction between students and faculty
3. Good practice uses active learning techniques
4. Good practice gives prompt feedback
5. Good practice emphasizes time on task
6. Good practice communicates high expectations

We encourage both students and instructors to read more about the Seven Principles to see how they can inform your teaching and learning.

Grade an Assignment

  1. From within the desired course, click on Grade Center in the Control Panel list on the lower left hand side of the window. This should expand the Grade Center menu (the screenshot for the following step shows where this is located but refer to our orientation page on the Instructor Course Environment if necessary).
  2. Click on Needs Grading.
    The Needs Grading link in the Grade Center Menu is highlighted in the image above.
  3. From the Needs Grading page, look to the Filter Options bar, click on the Category drop-down menu and select Assignments to filter the Needs Grading page to include only unmarked assignment submissions. Click Go to apply the filters chosen. If you cannot see the Filter Options bar click the Filter button on the upper right hand side of the page to display these options.
    Filter the Needs Grading items based on assignment type using the filter options bar highlighted above.
  4. Under the User Attempt column, click the student's name to go into the submitted assignment.
  5. In the Grade Assignment page, you can:
    • View assignment submission (A) on the left hand side.
    • Enter grade for the assignment (B).
    • Grade multiple attempts (C).
    • Enter grading notes (D).
    • Enter feedback for the assignment (E).
    • When you are done grading click the submit button (F) on the bottom right hand corner and to view other user assignment submission (G) on the top right hand corner.
    • Grade Assignment page where you can enter feedback and grade assignment.

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  1. Chickering, A. W., & Ehrmann, S. C. (1996). Implementing the seven principles. AAHE Bulletin, 49(2), 2-4. [1]