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Blackboard IM (BB IM) allows you to communicate with classmates and instructors in a chat session for quick and effective communication. Instructors can use BB IM as a way of conducting online office hours and students can use BB IM to chat with other students about course material, or as a virtual meeting place for student groups.

As an instructor, you can create a tool link on the course menu to make it easy for student to access the BB IM account creation and download page. After BB IM is installed on a computer, both instructors and students will use the application on the computer to sign into BB IM, not through Connect.

This document will show you:

  • Best Practices
  • How to create a BB IM tool link on the course menu
  • How to enable BB IM in your course


Effective Practices

Create a BB IM tool link on the course menu

You can create a BB IM tool link in any existing Content Area if you would like to design a scheduled chat session around a specific section or activity in the course, simply skip to the next section. For general instructions, follow the steps below.

  1. From the left-hand course menu, click the Add Menu Item button
  2. Click Add Tool Link
  3. Give the Tool Link a descriptive name such as BB IM or Chat
  4. From the Type menu, select Blackboard IM
  5. Check the Available to Users box
  6. Click Submit
  7. Drag and drop the new Tool Link from the bottom of the course menu to the desired position

Enable BB IM in your course

  1. Open Blackboard IM tool link
  2. Click Blackboard IM to launch the BB IM download and account creation page in a new page or tab
  3. From the new Blackboard Collaborate page: click the Already Have a Blackboard IM Account? Link it! button
  4. A list of all your courses registered from to your user name will be listed under Course Settings, open the tabs and select the check box next to the course you wish to add BB IM to

If you using Blackboard IM on a new computer, complete the How to Download BB IM steps, if you have already downloaded BB IM, you can log and your new course will be added to the menu

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