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Connect has a built-in course notifications feature that you can set to send you messages either through the Connect dashboard and/or via email. Notifications are available for a large number of items such as when assignments become available or when a discussion thread needs grading.

This is an important tool for both students and instructors who want to be updated with a course's activities.

This document will show you how to:

  • Edit Your Course Notification Settings

Best Practices

For Instructors

  • Make sure that you have the correct email address in Connect and it is something you check regularly. Contact your Faculty's instructional support unit for more information.
  • Enable the Daily Email Digest so you can get a summary of all the notifications instead of getting messages as they happen.

For Students

Edit Your Notification Settings

  1. Click your name on top-right corner of the screen to open the Global Navigation
    Global Navigation can be found on the top-right corner of your screen.
  2. Click Settings, then Edit Notification Settings in the Global Navigation overlay.
  3. Choose:
    • Edit Individual Course Settings to change notification settings on a course by course basis; or
    • Bulk Edit Notification Settings to bulk edit notifications on Courses I am teaching or Courses I am taking.
  4. (Optional) If you've chosen to bulk edit courses, in the Change Settings page, you can choose to bulk edit specific courses.
    Choose to edit notifications for individual or a group of courses.
  5. In the 3. Settings section, choose which notifications to turn on/off as well as how you want to receive those notifications, either through the Connect dashboard or via email or both.
    You can turn notifications on/off as well as choose how you will receive them.
  6. Click Submit at the bottom or top of the page.

If your email is up to date, you should receive email notifications.

Check the Notifications Dashboard under the Courses tab if you've chosen to receive notifications via the Dashboard.

The Notifications Dashboard can be found under the Courses tab.

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