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Each course item in Connect has a contextual or drop-down menu that you can easily access when you have the Edit Mode on.

Edit any item in the same place where it is placed or stored.

This document will show you how to:

  • Edit content in your course

Edit content in your course

  1. In the top-right corner of your course area, check if the Edit Mode is: on Connect Edit Mode On.png or off Connect Edit Mode Off.png
  2. If edit mode is off, click Off. This will turn on Edit Mode
    The Edit Mode button is found at the top-right corner of a course area.
  3. Hover over the course item you want to edit
  4. Click the facedown arrow beside the item's name
  5. Click Edit
  6. The facedown arrow to open the contextual menu only appears when you hover over the item. The Edit link is usually the first item in the menu.
  7. Change the different settings of the course item
  8. Click Submit at the top or bottom of the page

Review the item you edited by turning off Edit Mode or use the Student View tool.