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To review assignments offline, you can download all submissions, or selected submissions as a single zip file.

This document will show you how to:

  • Access an assignment to download
  • Select submitted assignments
  • Download assignments

Access an assignment to download

  1. To begin, from the Course Management menu on the left-hand sidebar, click Control Panel
  2. Click Grade Center
  3. Click Full Grade Center
  4. Click on the face-down arrow beside an assignment's header name
  5. Click Assignment File Download
    The contextual menu can be opened by clicking the face-down arrow beside the assignment's name.

Select submitted assignments

  1. Select the box of each submitted assignment you would like to download, you can select individual assignments, or select the top menu box to select all
    Students who have not submitted an assignment will not have a box beside their name.
  2. Click Submit found at the top and the bottom of the page

Download assignments

  1. Click the Download assignments now link to download the assignment package
    The Download assignments now link will also indicate how big the file is.
  2. Select Save File to save the file to your local drive.
  3. Click OK

The assignment package is now saved locally, extract the files to view them.

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