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Why Using Badges

Badging is a relatively new concept in higher education that can be used to:

  • validate and recognize the achievement of knowledge, skills and attitudes expected of students by the end of a course (learning outcomes);
  • track student activity and the completion of defined tasks (using a rubric with criteria);
  • demonstrate the development of cross-disciplinary knowledge, skills and attitudes;
  • describe student learning pathways within a degree or program;
  • provide granular details and information that a degree with a broader view cannot;
  • validate skills and attitudes valuable to job markets;
  • promote an open ecosystem and badge-based learning across the UBC community.
  • award students with achievements when they complete a course module
  • award students with achievements when they score good grades for quizzes
  • gamify your course with achievements.
  • award students for their outstanding contributions

Achievements on Connect

Achievements is a badging system available on Connect, which allows the instructor to issue badges or certificates to students after the completion of required steps (criteria). Students can see in advance what is required of them to receive a badge. The badge is delivered automatically by the system once the last required step is completed.

Three types of achievements are available:

  • Course Completion
  • Milestone
  • Custom

The following screen captures describe the different steps for the creation of an Achievement on Connect.

About Section

1. Identify a location in the course where students will be able to view their badges.

2. Define the Achievement Type (Milestone and Custom are the most commonly used)


Define Triggers (for Achievements)

1. Name a Rule. A rule can contain more than one item that can be graded or not*.


  • If graded, the item MUST have a column in the Grade Centre.
  • If NOT graded, you need to activate the Review Status for the item.

2. Identify an item from the Grade Centre (if graded) or use Review Status underneath (if not graded)

3. Define the condition for that item (number of attempts, percentage rate).

4. Add Item. You always have the possibility to Remove the item afterwards.

5. For a non-graded item, Browse content collection to identify the item's location. Click Add.


Once you Browse, a new window appears on screen. Select the item to be Reviewed by students. IMPORTANT: if you decide to select a tool such as Discussions, Blogs, Wikis or Journals, make sure it is located inside a folder/content area (see below). If located in the course menu as a Tool Link, you will not see it listed.



Edit-copy purple.svg
Example: students need to contribute to the Class Discussions forum (not graded) and complete two quizzes (graded), you will proceed as follows:
  • Attempt on Quiz A (Grade Centre)
  • Attempt on Quiz B (Grade Centre)
  • Review Status on Class Discussions

Student View

If Review Status chosen as step, students will need to select Mark Reviewed to earn a badge:



Once students complete the final step, the new achievement (badge) will be displayed in the Achievements page:


Select Reward


For more information on the tool itself, please visit the Blackboard' Help website.

Accessing the Badges

To make badges easy to find in your course, you can create a direct access from the Course Menu. 1. From the + button on the top left hand corner, select Tool Link in the drop down menu; 2. Choose Achievements'. Enter title and check Show to Users box. Students will be able to access their badges directly from this link.