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You can use the Announcements tool to inform students of news, events, deadlines or other time-sensitive information.

This document will show you how to:

  • Create an announcement
  • Set options
  • Reorder announcements


Watch the video below to learn how to create an announcement:

How to Create an announcement

  1. From the Course Management menu on the left-hand side, click Control Panel
  2. Under Course Tools, click Announcements
    The Announcements tool can be found under Course Tools in the Course Management menu. You can also add a Tool Link to your course's menu.
  3. Click Create Announcement at the top of the page

How to set options

  1. In the 1. Announcement Information section, enter a Subject for your announcement. It is the displayed title on the Announcements page
  2. Enter the Announcement details in the text editor
  3. In the 2. Web Announcement Options section, select if you would like the announcement to be permanent or date restricted
    Note: Permanent announcements will appear above Date Restricted announcements, which will only appear on the specified date(s).
    (Optional) In the Course Link section, link the announcement to a specified area in the course
  4. Click Submit either at the top or bottom of the page

How to Reorder announcements

Drag and drop announcements to reorder them by importance.

Announcements can be reordered via drag and drop.