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The UBC Blogs Tool creates a blog on UBC Blogs, which runs on WordPress and is independent from your Connect course. It also creates a link in your course which students can click on and be automatically added to the course blog.

You can also limit the link's availability to specific groups within your course, giving them their own space to collaborate and explore ideas.

This document will show you:

  • Some best practice
  • How to create a UBC Blogs course blog


Effective Practices

  • Have a discussion with your students on what are your expectations, including the type of discussions and some ground rules, for their participation in the course blog.
  • Be mindful of your copyright obligations when using material either on your course blog or Connect. Use open educational resources as much as possible and regularly consult
  • UBC Blogs has 5 different levels of privacy. You can change them at anytime by going into the blog's dashboard. Use the one that will best help your students achieve their learning goals. See Changing Privacy Settings on UBC Blogs.

Create a UBC Blogs Course Blog

  1. Go to a content area in your course.
  2. Hover over Tools in the top menu and click on UBC Blogs.
    You can find the UBC Blogs link under the Tools menu.
  3. In 1. Tool Information, enter a name and a description for the course blog.
    Note: Once you enter a new name, you will see the Unsaved Changes icon (Connect Unsaved Changes Icon.gif). It only indicates that you made a change that needs to be saved.
  4. (Optional) In 5. Options, choose to make the link to the course blog available, track the number of views, or have date and time restrictions.
  5. (Optional) In 6. Groups, limit which groups can see the course blog link.
  6. Click Submit at the top or bottom of the page.

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