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In Connect instructors can create Tests, Surveys and Pools that they can use to pose different types of questions to their students.

A survey is an effective way to gauge student's prior learning or their understanding of a lesson without the need to grade them. You can also use surveys as a way to gather formative feedback throughout the course.

This information can help identify which topics to focus on or adapt your lessons as the course progresses.

This document will show you how to:

  • Create a survey
  • Identify instructor best practices facilitated by this function


Watch the video below to go through the steps in video format:

Creating a Survey

  1. From within the desired course, click on Course Tools in the Control Panel list on the lower left hand side of the window to expand the Course Tools list (the screenshot for the following step shows where this is located but if necessary refer to our orientation page on the Instructor Course Environment). From within this list, select Tests, Surveys, and Pools.
    The links for Course Tools and Tests, Surveys, and Pools are highlighted in the image above.
  2. Select Survey.
  3. On this page you have the option to open an existing survey (listed in the middle of this page), or whether you want to Build or Import a new one (top left corner of page).
    The links for Build a Survey, Import a Survey and to Edit an existing survey are highlighted above.
    • Note, imported tests, surveys, or pools must have been created in Connect. This is an easy way to reuse assessment materials from other courses/sections that you have stored in your Content Collection or on a local drive.
    • Note, once the item has been deployed and submissions have been received you cannot add new questions or change the number of questions. You can however, edit, delete, reorder, or change the point values of questions. Any submissions affected by these changes will have their grade reassessed.
  4. To create a survey, select Build Survey and populate your survey with questions. Refer to our question creation documentation for more detail on this process.

Effective Practices

The Connect Learning Management System significantly expands the toolsets of teachers and learners. This function directly:

  • Streamlines assessment and communication (possibly be used by instructors to gain feedback) with students as a useful and efficient alternative to tests
  • Immerses students in effective and innovative use of the LMS encouraging participation and exploration in these learning technologies

This function supports a number of Chickering and Gamson's Seven Principles, including:[1]

1. Good practice encourages student - faculty contact
4. Good practice gives prompt feedback
5. Good practice emphasizes time on task

We encourage both students and instructors to read more about the Seven Principles to see how they can inform your teaching and learning.


  1. Chickering, A. W., & Ehrmann, S. C. (1996). Implementing the seven principles. AAHE Bulletin, 49(2), 2-4. [1]