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Threads are a series of posts related to the same topic.

Create threads to organize discussion topics in a discussion board forum.

This document will show you how to:

  • Create a new thread
  • Attach a file to the thread


Watch the video below on how to create a new thread in a discussion board forum:

Create a new thread

  1. Under Course Management on the left-hand side, open Control Panel
  2. Click Course Tools
  3. Click Discussion Board
    The Discussion Board link is under Course Tools in the left-hand side of the screen.
  4. Click on a discussion board
  5. Click on a discussion forum
  6. Click Create Thread at the top of the page
    The Create Thread button is at the top of a page in a discussion forum.
  7. In the 1. Message section, enter a subject for the thread
  8. Type your message for the thread in the text editor

Attach a file to the thread

  1. In the 2. Attachments section, click Browse My Computer and upload a file from your computer
  2. (Optional) Click Save Draft at the top or bottom of the page to save and edit the thread at a later date
  3. Click Submit at the top or bottom of the page to publish the thread in the forum

Students can now post on the new thread.

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