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Journals provide a personal writing space for students for self reflection or private communication with the instructor.

This document will show you how to:

  • Create a journal
  • Set journal availability
  • Define settings
  • Create a journal link in a Content Area


Watch the video below on how to create a journal:

Create a journal

  1. To begin, select a Content Area to add a journal to
  2. Go to Tools at the top of the page
  3. Click Journals
    The Journals button is found under the Tools tab when you are in a content area.
  4. From the 1. Create Link: Journal section, click Create New Journal
  5. In the 1. Journal Information section, enter a name for the journal
  6. In the text editor, enter a brief description of the subject or some instructions for the journal

Set journal availability

  1. In the 2. Journal Availability section, select (Yes).
  2. (Optional) In the 3. Journal Date and Time Restrictions section, set date and time restrictions for the journal availability

Define Settings

  1. In the 4. Journal Settings section, select whether or not journal entries index will be displayed by week or month
  2. Set the user settings to determine if students can edit or delete comments and journal entries.
    Note: By default, journals are only visible to the instructor and the student, if you would like journals to be visible to the entire class, select Permit Course Users to View Journal
  3. If the journal entries will be graded, select Grade and enter the points possible for the entries in the 5. Grade Settings section
  4. Click Submit at the top or bottom of the page

The new journal appears in the list of existing journals under Link to a Journal.

A newly created journal will be automatically added to the Link to a Journal box.

Create a journal link in a Content Area

  1. Select the journal title you want to link
  2. Click Next at the top or bottom of the page
  3. The link name is automatically filled with the journal title, edit if desired.
  4. Click Submit

The journal link displays in the content area.

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