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In Connect instructors can create Tests, Surveys and Pools that they can use to pose different types of questions to their students. A File Response Question makes it easy for students to answer a question by submitting a file.

This document will show you how to:

  • Create a File Response Question
  • Identify instructor best practices facilitated by this function

Create a File Response Question

Please see How to create a File Response Question on the Blackboard website. There may be minor difference in screenshot and wording, but the procedure is the same. Please note that there may be resources in the Blackboard site that are not applicable to Connect.

Effective Practices

The Connect Learning Management System significantly expands the toolsets of teachers and learners. This function directly:

  • Streamlines test and survey design as one of several preformatted question forms
  • Leverages ease of centralized online assessment
  • Immerses students in effective and innovative use of the LMS encouraging participation and exploration in these learning technologies

This function supports a number of Chickering and Gamson's Seven Principles, including:[1]

1. Good practice encourages student - faculty contact
4. Good practice gives prompt feedback
5. Good practice emphasizes time on task

We encourage both students and instructors to read more about the Seven Principles to see how they can inform your teaching and learning.


  1. Chickering, A. W., & Ehrmann, S. C. (1996). Implementing the seven principles. AAHE Bulletin, 49(2), 2-4. [1]