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The content editor in Connect allows you to add and format text, insert equations and hyperlinks, tables, and attach different types of files to content. It appears throughout Connect as the default content editor.

The content editor features additional and advanced options to make it easier to enrich your content.

You may also print out the Content Editor Quicksheet in pdf format.

This quicksheet includes:

  • Video
  • New Features
  • Best Practices


Watch the video overview of the Content Editor feature on Connect:

Video produced by Blackboard.

New Features

The Content Editor in Connect has the same options as any word processer (e.g. Microsoft Word). It has been enhanced to include additional features:

  • More in-depth options (A) in Content Editor for quick and easy access. Click this button when ever you would like to see more Chevron 2.png or less Double chevron 1.png options.
  • Basic tools (B) are shown in the interface such as Copy, Paste or Find, so there is no need to memorize basic shortcuts.
  • The mashup tool (C) to make it easier to add multi-media to your content by being able to find content outside of your course directly from Connect.
  • A new math editor (D) that helps to create and deliver equations directly from the Content Editor. You can save and copy/paste equations in the math editor by using mathML.
  • The ability to directly edit content through HTML code (E).
  • Better fidelity in translation. Copy and paste content from Microsoft Word or code from Adobe Dreamweaver and there will be no loss in translation.
Content Editor display with advanced features in the editor for quick and easy access: (A) More options, (B) Basic tools, (C) Use the mashup, (D) math editor, (E) HTML code, Embedding functions, Preview button, CSS Edit Function button, and others.

Effective Practices

  • The new content editor features show up for all content editors in Connect.
  • Use the Advanced content editor for quick and easy access to more in depth and options to enrich your content and make it easer to add multi-media functions.
  • Use the HTML code function if you are familiar with HTML codes.

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