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Alert students with course reminders and updates.


What is a blog?

Weblog or blog is a tool used for personal online journals, discussions or a course space. In Connect, there are two blog tools available: Connect Blogs and UBC Blogs.

Connect Blogs

UBC Blogs


Foster discussions between all course participants in one centralized location.

General Resources

Create & Organize Discussions

Manage & Grade Discussions

Voice Board


Piazza is a Q&A style forum that can be easily integrated with Connect. Piazza allows:

  • Students and Instructors to post questions. Other students’ or Instructors can answer to the question.
  • Instructors and students to endorse students’ questions and answers.
  • Instructors to check the statistics to see contributions from the students.
Setup Instructions

The Piazza website provides useful resources such as:


Send email messages from within Connect to your students using your email address from the Faculty Service Centre (FSC).


Create student groups for course projects and peer to peer support.

Instant Messaging

Blackboard Instant Messaging (BbIM) is an instant messaging tool that can support study groups, meetings and office hours via web conferencing, VoIP and collaborative whiteboards.

More information on how to use Blackboard Collaborate Instant Messaging can be found at


iPeer is a web application integrated into Connect to develop and deliver rubric-based peer evaluations.


Journals provide a personal writing space for students for self reflection or private communication with the instructor.

Resources below are developed by Blackboard Inc. There may be minor difference in wording and interface,


Send internal text-based messages to other course participants that can only be accessed and archived within the course.

Web Conferencing

Facilitate classes, meetings, presentations, discussion groups via an interactive web conferencing tool.

General Resources

Web Conferencing in Connect

Web Conferencing Outside of Connect

Blackboard Collaborate Plan

Blackboard Collaborate Plan is a tool that can help you organize your content and activities for your web conferencing session.

More information on how to use Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing can be found at


A collaborative writing tool where you and your students can easily act as writer, editor, and publisher.