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Blog comments are remarks are responses to a student's blog entry. Responding to your student's blog entries encourages intellectual exchange.
This document will show you how to:

  • Select a blog entry
  • Comment on a blog entry
  • View the comment


Watch the video created by Sarah Whittaker on how to comment on a blog entry via a link on the course menu.

Select a blog entry

  1. To begin, from the Course Management menu, select Control Panel
  2. Click Course Tools
  3. Click Blogs
    The Blogs link can be found under Course Tools on the left-hand side menu under Course Management.
  4. Check for blogs that are marked as having new entries under the Entries column
  5. Click on the blog's name to enter
    Blogs with new entries will be indicated with (# new)

Comment on a blog entry

  1. In the More Blogs section, students who have new blog entries will be marked with a thumbtack Connect Thumbtack Icon.png, click on the student's name whose blog you want to comment on.
    This section is only available if you've enabled individual student blogs. If you chose to enable a course blog, the section will be named View Entries by.
    See How to Create a Blog
  2. Click Comment
  3. Enter a comment
  4. Click Add
    The Comment button is found at the bottom-right corner of a blog entry.

View the comment

  1. Click Comments on the bottom left-hand corner of the blog entry
  2. View the comments you have added to the blog entry
    Click Comments on the lower left-hand corner of the blog entry area to see the comments.