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Students may experience challenges and difficulties beyond their control when taking online quizzes and tests. There maybe a power outage, a disrupted connection or a mistakenly pressed button. In any case, students may request that their attempts on a quiz be reset or cleared.

Please note that it is up to the instructor's discretion to clear a student's attempt. Clearing an attempt will permanently delete all the student's responses.

This document will show you how to:

  • Clear a student's last test attempt

Effective Practices

  • It is recommended to create practice quizzes with unlimited attempts.
  • If possible, create an explicit policy on what grounds students can request a reset.
  • Take into account other information that Connect collects such as when was the quiz last attempted or what was the student's progress for that test.
  • Allow students to make multiple attempts on an assessment before a deadline.

Clear a student's test attempt

  1. Under Course Management on the lower left-hand side menu, go to the Full Grade Center in the Grade Center.
    Full Grade Center is the second option under Grade Center
  2. Search for the student's name (row) and quiz (column).
  3. Click on the chevron or facedown arrow when you hover over the grade.
  4. Click View Grade Details.
    View Grade Details is found in the contextual menu when you click the chevron while hovering over the grade.
  5. In the Grade Details pages, pick the attempt you want to clear.
  6. Go to the Actions column and click Clear Attempt.
    The Clear Attempt button is under the Actions column in the Grade Details page.
  7. Click OK when you are asked to confirm.

Note: You can also clear a student's specific test attempt based on specific criteria. At the top of the actions column is a drop-down menu beside Delete where you can choose from the following:

  • Last Attempt
  • First Attempt
  • Highest Scored Attempt
  • Lowest Scored Attempt
  • Attempts Between Dates...
  • All Attempts

Click Go to clear the attempts.