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The discussion board consists of many forums organized by topic. Forums have a variety of settings that control the way students can participate in them.

Adjusting these settings to give student's more flexibility in their participant in the forum, encourages student engagement in the discussion.

This document will show how to:

  • Change forum settings.
  • Improve quality of forum posts.

Change forum settings

  1. To begin, from the Course Management menu, click Control Panel > Course Tools
  2. Click Discussion Board
  3. Select a discussion board
  4. Select the forum's contextual menu and click Edit
    The contextual menu can be found by clicking downward facing arrow at the end of each discussion board's name when you hover over.

Improve quality of forum posts

1. From the Forum Settings section, adjust the settings with the following suggestions:

  • Disable Allow Anonymous Posts and Allow Author to Delete Own Posts to encourage post accountability.
  • Enable Allow Author to Edit Own Published Posts to give student's the ability to edit their posts for clarity.
  • Enable Allow Users to Reply with Quote to help keep the responses organized with their original post.
  • Enable Allow File Attachments to encourage students to upload external content to further the discussion.
  • Enable Allow Members to Rate Posts to allow students the ability to peer-evaluate as a way of encouraging participation.
  • Enable Grade Forum: and provide a point value to encourage students to participate in the forum by allowing their contribution to be worth marks.
    When you choose to grade discussions, you can also attach a rubric as a basis for your grading.

2. Click Submit

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