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Students and instructors can use the calendar feature in Connect to view events and items that are due. The enhancements in the calendar feature includes bridging the calendars of multiple courses and institution. You can also personalize and customize the calendar through the color-coding feature.

You may also print out the Calendar Quicksheet in pdf format.

This quicksheet includes:

  • Video
  • New Features
  • Access Calendar (how-to)
  • Best Practices


Watch the video below for an overview of the Calendar tool:

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Video produced by Blackboard.

Highlighted Features

The Calendar in Connect has been enhanced to include the following features:

  • The calendar displays a consolidated view of institution, course, organization, and personal calendar events (A) for a user.
  • Calendar events are color coded (B) by course or entity to help you keep organized.
  • Easily add calendar events (C) by clicking on a date and adding an item or click the plus sign on the top right hand corner.
  • External calendars can subscribe to events created on the Connect calendar through the URL provided under iCalendar (D) .
  • Users can click through calendar events directly to the associated item.

Instructors Only

  • Items with due dates by an instructor automatically appear on the calendar.
  • Clicking on calendar items allows an instructor to view, edit, or grade item.
  • Instructors can move calendar events by dragging and dropping them to a new date. The due date on the associated item is automatically updated.
Display of Calendar with various features.

Access Calendar (how-to)

You can access the calendar through My Connect Tab, from a Course, or from Global Navigation:

Access from My Connect Tab

  1. Listed under Tools module, the menu to the very left, click on Calendar.
  2. Click on My Calendar module if you have added the My Calendar Module. To do so refer to the Customize-the-my-connect-page-how-to that explains how to Add or Remove Module.
Access the Calendar feature from the My Connect Tab.

Access from a Course

  1. Select a Course.
  2. Listed under the Course Menu bar (to the left), select Calendar link under Collaboration Tools section.
From the Course Menu, click Calendar under Collaboration Tools section.

Access from Global Navigation

  1. Access the Global Navigation menu by clicking your name on the top right button beside the Power button.
  2. On the left side of the Global Navigation drop-down menu, click the Calendar (Calendar Icon.png) button to access the Calendar.
Access the Calendar feature form the Global Navigation drop-down menu by clicking on the Calendar image located on the left menu bar.

Effective Practices

  • The calendar has been enhanced for all users and offers customization to keep organized within a course and across courses, personal, and institution.
  • Customize your calendar by using the color coding feature to indicate institution, course, and personal events or items.


  • Students can use filtering options to selectively view only course level items. Click on an item to view item details.


  • To use the Calendar tool and allow students to use it, add the calendar tool link to the Course Menu. To do so, follow the Connect/Create_a_Tool_Link_(How_To).
  • The calendar of a course supports due dates set by instructors and can be set for gradable items.
  • Instructors can use the calendar course tool as a primary way of managing and communicating the schedule of events and assignments in the course.
  • When reusing calendar content of a course, you can copy, archive/restore or import/export the course calendar events to the new course calendar.

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