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Build a content area to store a variety of content for your course. Content areas can contain course information, course documents, assignments, books, external links, or multimedia content.

You have many options in how to customize content areas, and they are often arranged as a series of nested folders where each folder can contain items and other folders.

Each content area folder page includes the location at the top, a navigation path, and whatever items the Instructor has included in that folder making navigating through content areas simple as progression is tracked with the top navigation bar.

This document will show you how to:

  • Build a content area page on the course menu
  • Create content in the content area

Build a content area page on the course menu

  1. Open your Connect course
  2. From the left-hand course menu, select the Add Menu Item icon ( ) and click Content Area
    The Add Menu Item icon is the first icon from the left on the left-hand course menu
  3. Add a name for the content area
  4. Check the Available to Users box
  5. Click Submit
    Add the content area name, availability and submit it in the same left-hand menu as the plus menu

Create content in the content area

Using the Build Content, Assessments, Tools, and Publisher Content menus you can create or add course material such as learning modules, external links, multimedia content, tests, or books to your course.

Edit a content area

  1. Click on the content area to open it
  2. Click on the contextual menu next to the content menu title and click Edit
The content area contextual menu is located to the right of the title.