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How do I update my email address or personal information in Connect ?

Please check if the CWL account being used for Connect has a student number associated to it. If so, please see the documentation here to update their email address. To ensure data consistency, Faculty and Staff should verify their email addresses in the Faculty and Staff Self-Service Centre. Updates must be made via Personal Data Form If there is no student number associated to the account, then please ask the instructor/TA what they'd like their email address updated to. Then, escalate the ticket to [mailto: UBC IT - Learning Applications] with details including the instructor's CWL, username, and the email address they'd like to have in Connect.[1]

How do I make my course available to students?

See Make a course available to students (How to)

How do I add students to my course?

For Credit Course

Once your students register through Student Service Center, the information will go automatically to Student Information System and your students will be automatically added to your course.

For Non-Credit Course (Self-Enrolment course)

For Self-Enrolment course, you can ask your students to enrol themselves to the course by following the instruction Self Enrol to a non credit or workshop course (How to)

How to get my TA added to my course? Pre and post TASM

How to update my preferred name in Connect?

Where to get assistance with iClicker?

Check the resources here ( iclicker toolkits) )

or watch

Video Tutorials

or visit:

Individual Faculty Support

CWSEI Logo.jpg Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative (CWSEI):
UBC Logo small.png Applied Science (CIS):
Arts ISIT Logo.jpg Arts (ISIT):
Sauder Logo Small.png Sauder (Learning Services):
UBC Logo small.png UBC Okanagan - Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL):

I am unable to send emails within Connect to my students

Student registered in course, but they do not show up in grade center

Why are dropped students still in my groups?

My students are reporting that they cannot access the course material, but as the Instructor, why am I able to?

Instructors have access to all of their course materials regardless of whether the course material is hidden or not. If you want your course materials to available:

Where can I get assistance for my Connect course setup?

Where can I get help for my Connect course?

For additional resources, please visit and

Contact your faculty's local Instructional Support Unit. For a complete list of ISUs, please visit

If you do not have an instructional support unit, contact

Instructional Support Staff can help you with questions regarding:

  • course support
  • course availability
  • adding users (TA and students)

My course is blank, where is my content?

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