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External Grade columns are columns in the Grade Center that you assign to display your students' grade for the course. In new courses, the default Total column is also the default External Grade column and is marked as such a green check-mark beside the column header. You can assign a different column to be set as the External Grade. The default External Grade column cannot be deleted until another column is assigned.

This document will show you how to:

  • Access the Grade Center
  • Assign an External Column


Watch the video below on how to assign an external column in the Grade Center:

Access the Grade Center

  1. From the left-hand course menu, select Grade Center under the Control Panel
  2. Click Full Grade Center

Assign an External Column

  1. From the Full Grade Center page, use the scroll bar to find the column you want to assign as an External Grade Column.
  2. Click the chevron to the right of the column header to open the column's contextual menu
  3. Click Set as External Grade

A green check-mark appears to the left of the column header to mark it as the External Column.

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