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In order to enroll into the Student Orientation to Connect course, you must first login into Connect and add a ‘module’. Please follow these steps:

How to add the Student Orientation to Connect course

  1. Login into Connect and click on Add Module
    Step 1 student orientation.png

  2. Type “Orientation” in the Search box. The Orientation to Connect Course module will appear. To add the module, click Add
    Step 2 student orientation.png

  3. You will now see the module back on your main Connect portal page. Click the “Student Orientation to Connect” link, and you will be taken to a self-enroll page.
    Step 3 student orientation.png

  4. On the Self-Enrollment page, click Submit. You will now have access to the student orientation course and see this course in your “Courses” list.
    Step 4 student orientation.png