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Mashups are a simple way for you to add multimedia content to your course from external sources, without having to create it yourself.

YouTube Videos are an easy way to include instructive and engaging video content in your course.

This document will show you how to:

  • Search for and add a YouTube Video.
  • Set the YouTube Video options.

Note: Since late April 2015, the YouTube Mashup tool has not been functional. This issue is known, however, there is no ETA for a repair. As a work around, copy the URL from YouTube and insert the link via an editor using the "Insert/Edit Embedded Media" option and select "Embedded Audio" for type.

Insert/edit embedded media in text editor on Connect


Watch the video below on how add a YouTube video mashup to your course:

Search for and add a YouTube Video

  1. Select a content area.
  2. Click Build Content > Mashups > YouTube Video.
  3. Enter keywords to identity your search.
  4. Select the parameters for the search.
  5. Select a language for the video search.
    Connect YouTube Search.png
  6. Click Go to begin the search.
    Note: You can sort the search results by selecting an option from the Sort By menu.
  7. Click Preview to preview the video.
  8. Click Select to insert the video into your course.
    Connect Youtube Search Results.png

Set the YouTube Video options

  1. In the Add YouTube Content to Course section, edit the title for the video, select a color, or add a brief description.
  2. In the Mashup Options: section, select the size of the video and select the YouTube information visibility settings.
  3. In the Attach or Link Content section, upload files to accompany the video.
  4. In the Options section select view recording settings and date/time restrictions for the video.
  5. Click Preview to preview the page.
  6. Click Submit to add the video to your course.
    This is an example of a YouTube mashup.