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Use the Voice Authoring tool to create custom voice recordings for assignment instructions, course overviews, or even a personal welcome from the instructor to the students.

This document will show you how to:

  • Create a voice recording
  • Set the recording options


Watch the video below on how to create a voice recording:

Create a Voice recording

  1. Select a content area
  2. Click Build Content > Voice Authoring
  3. Enter a descriptive title for the recording
    Note: Ensure the name reflects the point of the recording.
  4. Select a color for the recording
  5. When you are ready to record, press the red record button on the record box:
    The Voice Authoring recording box features work the following:
    Recordings are limited to 20 minutes. The number to the right of the status bar reflects the length of your recording, while the number on the left reflects the amount of time left available for the recording:Learn9.1Wimbarecordingbar.jpg
    The speaker allows you to adjust the recording volume: Learn9.1wimbaspeaker.jpg
    The red button starts the recording: Learn9.1Wimbarecordingbutton.jpg
    The play button replays the recording: Learn9.1Wimbaplaybutton.jpg
    The pause button pauses the recording: Learn9.1Wimbapausebutton.jpg
    The stop button stops the recording: Learn9.1WimbaStopbutton.jpg
    The menu button displays the recording features, including save options, and Audio Input, Output, and Filter options: Learn9.1Wimbamenu.jpg
  6. In the Options section, select the visibility settings and date/time restrictions for the recording
  7. Click Submit to add the recording to your course

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